Unsleeved Artists: David Buskin

Posted on August 13th, 2016 by Chris.

I used to spend hours rummaging through the product shelves in the head offices of Phonogram in Wellington when I was preparing to fulfil contractual obligations. So many artists sat unsleeved and unheard. They were not seen as being commercially viable. Record companies and radio stations colluded to construct playlists which ‘paid’ and returned profit for their investment. The concept was understandable in a commercial sense but they were not interested in the intrinsic value of talent unless there was the possibility of mercantile returns up front. Ok, it was a business and driven by offshore demands, but it made sure New Zealand audiences didn’t have a chance to appreciate a broader range of input. New Zealand audiences were like programmed sheep. Remember, there was no Internet. Imported FOLKWAYS albums were beginning to be bought from catalogues from The States. You didn’t get the chance to experience ‘other’ unless you had long and short-wave metre bands on your home valve radio to broaden your listening opportunities – oh, and a touch of initiative. Amongst these untouched sleeves were talents both in writing and performing. I took this song from the pen of Canadian – David Buskin – and included it in my repertoire. My urge was to inform and expand – to propel and to ‘broadsheet’ other artists to my public and in my own way. I continue to love it to this day.

David Buskin – When I Need You Most of All from “David Buskin” (1972) You say my smile is like a summer day, But what if tears begin to fall? If things get b…


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