Japanese Hosa Bunka Foundation Radio Competition 1977

Posted on January 28th, 2013 by Chris.

Radio NZ Archives hold copies of this award winning documentary / performance which is available on request. My friends still stand and while they do more notice should be taken of their contributions to music. They should be recognised for these fantastic recordings made in RNZ Gloucester Street’s 3YA Studios, Christchurch, NZ in 1960’s and ’70’s.
****(See further comments for ‘Land Ahoy’)****

System ID 22664
Creator/Contributor Details Garland, Phil
JEMMETT, Charles
Smith, Christine, 1948?-
Canterbury Crutchings Bush and Ceilidh Band
Martin, Chas. A. (Charles Andrew), 1895-1960
Date 1977
Brief Description Landfall New Zealand – a musical documentary based on 19th century folk songs, featuring Phil Garland, Christine Smith and the Canterbury Crutchings Bush & Ceilidh Band . Includes narration. This programme was awarded 1st place in the 1977 Japanese Hosa Bunka Foundation Radio competition for programmes of traditional music. Musical details:
1) Davy Knick Knack/traditional. Dur: 1’07”.
2) John Smith AB/Colquhoun. Dur: 1’40”.
3) Land Ahoy. Dur: 3’02”.
4) Southward Bound/Garland. Dur: 1’49”.
5) Black Velvet Band/traditional. Dur: 2’52”.
6) The Canterbury Jig/Charles Jemmett. Dur: 4’07”.
7) I’m A Young Man/Charles Martin. Dur: 3’17”.
8) Davy Knick Knack. Dur: 2’10”.
Fully Transcribed DOC’s. Recorded approx 1977.

NB two copies held: also on TX1492
Duration (programme) 00:24:40


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