How Folk Music evolved in 1960’s – 2nd wave

Posted on August 11th, 2016 by Chris.

Folk Music in Christchurch NZ grew in two waves.

1st Wave: The University of Canterbury’s Folk Music Club paved the way for some of the most naturally gifted and talented artists of 1960’s. In my opinion, I¬†consider them to be the 1st Wave. They were firmly established at the time I was inducted into the club and their company. We engaged in performances as a part of the club life on campus in the Student Union’s building, in schools throughout Canterbury and the West Coast and on campus at Lincoln College. UCFMC, as it was known, established Residency on Sunday nights at The Stage Door, which was run by Des Monaghan, Kevin Bussell, and Mike Hockley. They ran Rythm ‘n Blues with The Chants on Thursday and Friday nights. The folk club matured and it was not uncommon to see a melding of the two genres ¬†occurring.

During this time, many of the fully established artists/performers were beginning to break away from their appearances at the club as their University studies demanded a greater commitment and or they headed into the workplace or postgraduate studies overseas.

I will write about them in a future post.

2nd Wave: In the meantime here is Phil Garland’s tracking of his experience of the history of the club on his return from England. Phil had committed to a life in Rock’nRoll during the early years prior to his departure. On his return, he became absorbed into the audience and then performance in the latter stages of the Stage Door. When Sunday nights’ tenure ended Phil paved the way for the transition from The Stage Door to The Plainsmen in Litchfield Street. Thus, 2nd Wave commenced.


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