Darrell Scott – Live in NC/cd review and a bit more

Posted on December 5th, 2006 by Chris.

Wrote a review recently for the Christchurch Folk Music Club’s magazine which is issued by the committee and compiled by John Sanchez-Lloyd. I had been sent this cd by a friend who has immaculate taste in music and a vast collection to boot. Sat down and listened and it knocked my socks off. Reminds me of the old days at the Stage Door when the Chants used to play Friday and Saturday nights and then come and join us folkies on Sunday. There was an earthiness about the music then – and the musos were engaged in a path of discovery at a time when everything was still a little bit ragged – but cool. Mike Rudd, in sartorial splendour, strutted his stuff in the infamous Borries label when corduroy was king and the Mods and Rockers inched along the streets of Christchurch – with trouser legs the width of the minds of the councillors who berated them. This cd reminds me of the raw and unbridled energy of that particular time in Christchurch’s music history. It presents as authentic and ‘on’.

Had the priviledge of spending three days working with Pentangle and performing as the first half of their Wellington concert during the New Zealand tour in the early ’70’s. Danny Thompson, their bass player, appears on this cd with Darrell and Kenny Malone. Again we’re presented with the consumate mastery of a living musical treasure.

Anyway, listen for yourselves. You won’t be disappointed.

For the review, go to: www.folkmusic.org.nz


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