Carole King concert at the Westpac Centre, Chch 4/12/06

Posted on December 4th, 2006 by Chris.

Went to the concert at the Westpac centre last night. Hadn’t considered the place small before but it was truly an intimate affair. It had all the trademarks and familiarities of a friend coming over for dinner rather than a concert in an auditorium. The capacity crowd of absolute fans spent 90 minutes retracing old steps verbatim as each new/old song unfolded. If you’ve lived vicariously through her lyrics it’s hard to know who’s intruding. Each song holds a part of you that won’t let go. No lapsed moments, no regrets- except that she didn’t get to sing everything.

The A and R Director for Phonogram, Jay Boelee, brought to my attention two of her songs which I recorded on my third album in 1972. ‘Why are you Leaving’ and the title track ‘Lady’ settled somewhere in the New Zealand charts. They were both off Carole’s 1969 album ‘Now that everything’s been Said’ which she recorded with The City.

Thanks Carole for all of the music and a lifetime of pleasure in sharing your immense talent, insight and humanity.


Don Hertel

Comment on January 28th, 2013.

Hi Christine,
I am a Carole King historian. Can you send me mp3s of the 2 songs by her you recorded? I would love to hear them?


Comment on March 1st, 2015.

Hello Don,

You wrote on 28/1/’13 asking how you might access MP3’s of the two Carol King covers which were included on my album “Country Lady” recorded in 1972. I included “Why are you Leaving” and “Lady” on Philips 6436750/78. I have recently been contacted by the Chairman of the Recorded Music Society of New Zealand. He has requested permission for a digitised re-release of the album. Philips’ back catalogue is now handled by Universal in New Zealand. Therefore, the tracks and the entire album will be available within the next few months once the process has been completed.

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